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The public library in Efrat

The public library in Efrat was established in 1983, with the establishment of the settlement. Efrat has about 10.500 residents, the library is funded by the local council Efrat and the Ministry of Culture. The library services are offered to Efrat residents free of charge, and the library also calls for many of the nearby and far-away surroundings. A little data about what's happening to us: 2549 families are built to the library 93,296 books are at your disposal, including books in English, French and some Spanish. In addition to the being of the library, the Center for readers and readers of all ages, the library is hosted by various groups for reading time, classes from various schools, kindergartens, preschools, centers and more. We also have various cultural activities throughout the year, children's and youth presentations, writers ' meetings, film screenings, culture coffee, reading month, story time, plans to encourage reading and launches to books of local writers. In addition to the many books waiting on the shelves, you can also enjoy digital numbers in Hebrew and English, audio books and documentary films. The library is run by a dedicated team of libraries, Esther Shankman, Linda, Esther Levit, Naama, Zipporah, vocals and Sagittarius. For the sake of working in the library, enlist many of the ages, including students coming in the framework of the Personal Development program and social involvement of the Ministry of Education and Young volunteers within the framework of the bar/Bat Mitzvah project. We believe in cultivating and conserving our readers and doing everything we can to give the best and most advanced service and update the library and services as much as possible. Waiting for you in the library, Shulamit Marsiano – Director of the Library

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